Hello!  So glad you stopped by! Hopping Wren Furniture, LLC is a home based business in Duluth, Minnesota that specializes in repurposing, renewing and reloving furniture.  

With each piece of furniture, we strive to bring you something that is unique, full of character and love! While most of our work tends to be custom orders, pieces brought to us by you, we also travel around the state to carefully hand pick dressers, buffets, hutches, dining sets and more, in order to provide unique and beautiful pieces for you to enjoy in your home for many years to come. 

Unique Custom Pieces of Furniture For Your Home!

Would you look at this sweetie?  All shiny and ready to go home!  

Do you have a piece that you'd like made uniquely for you?  Let's talk! 

*Personalized with your last name and names of family members!

*Places you've lived or would like to!

*A one of a kind wedding gift!

*Housewarming gift!

The posibilities are endless!  If you come up with it, chances are, I can make your vision a reality! 

Call Now For Custom Orders

Our custom calendar is full until the middle of February. If you have a piece of furniture that you would like renewed and reloved, call now to get on our schedule! We can be reached at 218-341-3328, hoppingwrenfurniture@gmail.com or on our Facebook page, Hopping Wren Furniture. Also, follow us on Instagram at hoppingwrenfurnitureduluth to see what we are up to each day!

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!