Friday Favorites!

     I get asked, a lot, which products I love and think are the best!  Just today, a customer came to pick up her furniture and wanted to know what kind of paint I prefer to use, stain, AND the smell of the candle burning in my house!  If you, too, want to know what I think is the best of the best (and works for my business or elsewhere) ask away!  You can reach me at





  • My Favorite Dresser

    I really did try to come up with a number of completed dressers.....but I couldn't! I think it may be around 200? This favorite!! I can totally see this as a bathroom vanity with a sink popped into it. Can't you? When we picked it up from the seller, we weren't very thorough when inspecting it, and it had horrible water damage and warping. My wonderful hubby rebuilt the sides and patched it up until it was good as new!

  • Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach, Oregon

    This pic actually stirs up so many memories...I'm actually tearing up a bit. If I close my eyes, I can hear my kids, years ago, laughing and putting their toes into the Pacific Ocean for the first time. I can see them running, flying kites, and marveling at the sheer power of the ocean's surf. The kids were so young. When they come across a photo of this, they know instantly that it is Haystack Rock.
    Yep...favorite beach and one of my favorite memories. One of our most happiest memories together. Now excuse me while I grab a tissue <3