We May Have What You Are Looking For!

Here's where you'll find pictures and dimensions of pieces that we already have on hand, and are able to customize per your decor needs!  If you can dream it up, chances are, we can make your dream a reality! 

These pieces haven't spoken to us yet.  (Or, they HAVE spoken and have said way to much to pick one of the ways they could be redone and we can't chose!) Are they speaking to you?  Are you looking for a unique buffet to grace your dining area or a dresser for a bedroom?  Do you have a certain design or style that you are searching for?  

We just might have it!  All pieces are solid, vintage/antique pieces that have smooth gliding drawers and doors, or have been repaired back to their old functional glory! 

So, take a peek!  If you like what you see, please email us at hoppingwrenfurniture@gmail.com or call 218-341-3328 for an estimate!

We are constantly purchasing unique dressers, buffets, dining sets and tables!  Check back often!

These dressers and buffets may look rough now, but I promise you, they will be BEAUTIFUL when finished!

(Act quickly, if you see something you love!  If a piece DOES start speaking to us, we just might listen and remove it from this page and create away!) 


Large Vintage Estate Mirror

Holy cow, this is a BIG mirror with PLENTY of depth and character!  It measures 46" long and 50" tall.  It's mirror is in perfect condition! 

Hint hint....this woud look AMAZING above one of the available buffets, don't you think? 

All that raised detail would look awesome distressed! 

Ideas:  Above a large piece of furniture, in a master bath, on a wall in your hallway, bedroom piece. 


Vintage 1940's Hotel Buffet

This beautiful 1940's hotel buffet measures 67" long 38" tall and 22" deep.  It is FULL of possibilities! 

Door on left swings open with a new swing arm mechanism, has it's original hardware and has had a new full back installed.  

Solid, full of character and would look wonderful wherever you put it in your home!  A truly original piece of furniture from the past! 

Ideas: Dining room, master bedroom, entertainment center, kitchen.  Or get really creative and have it plumbed for a bathroom vanity! 


Solid 5 Drawer Dresser

This vintage dresser boasts plenty of storage and is SOLID!  

It measures 42 1/2" long 39" tall and 19" deep.  Wouldn't it look amazing with a chippy fininsh in a bright color?  Or a neutral with a stencil or transfer?  Maybe some new raised ornamentation? 

Ideas: Master/guest bath, Master/guest bedroom, cabin, hallway storage.  

Vintage 1930's Buffet

This vintage buffet.....I love this one too!  It's doors and drawers work perfectly, it has a sweet silverware insert and is solid as solid can be! 

This beautiful buffet measures 67" long 37" tall and 22" deep.  Plenty of ornate detail on this one! 

Vintage farmhouse, elegant black or gray....how about something fun?  With texture and depth?  

It will be a statement piece wherever it goes in your home! 

Ideas: Dining room, master bedroom, entertainment center, kitchen.  Or get really creative and have it plumbed for a bathroom vanity! 

Vintage Cabinet/Bar/Kitchen Island

Oh, this huge cabinet!  It could be used for SO MANY THINGS!  If I had room for it, I'd paint it with a pop of color and set it in my kitchen!  It has had 4 locking wheels put on its base and it so solid!  

What would you do with this?  A stencil....or a floral transfer?  Its up to you!  A dark statement color?  Solid bottom and wood grain top?  The possibilities are endless!

This large cabinet measures 66" long 38" tall and 24 3/4" deep.  It has 4 doors and drawers that open and close wonderfully and offer plenty of storage! 

Whether you are building a new home and looking for a one of a kind piece, or updating an existing room, measure your space, as this one may be the perfect item you've been looking for! 

Ideas: Bar, coffee center, kitchen island, buffet...the possibilities are endless with this one!