Nov. 21, 2017

One word for this upcoming holiday season?  Busy.  Shops are open and ready for furniture drop offs this week!  My inventory at home is dwindling down to a few pieces as I get ready for this weekend's Maker's Market in Spirit Valley at Maker's Mercantile!  Next weekend....Hopping Wren's Wine and Wassail....a few days after that,  I leave for a wonderful week of family time in Franklin, Tennessee with my brother and his family!  When I get home?  Paint, paint and more paint!  Big annual holiday party at my sis's home in the middle of December.   Busy.  I love it!  Enjoy your Thanksgiving this week!  I know that on Thanksgiving this year, I will be sitting in my pajamas with my hubby, watching football and grilling steaks for dinner!  No large meal this year, but that's ok!  I am thankful for the time I get to spend with my husband! And, I am thankful that both of my children will be home for Christmas.  So thankful for that. Its all I wanted :) Enjoy the upcoming season with friends and family!  

Oct. 29, 2017

Didn't we just get the yard the way we like it?  Didn't we just plan a back yard bbq and fire?  Holy guacamole...its fall.  It's not even fall, as here in MN we just had a snowstorm last week that broke records.  I think we had almost 10" of accumulation at our house.  So just like that, its winter.  I really do hate winter.  Everything about it.  Well, not everything....I like sitting in front of the fireplace with wool socks on my feet while I am wrapped in a blanket. Thats a good part of winter.  And Christmas lights.  I love Christmas lights.  

I've been so innundated with custom orders that I almost had to turn someone away yesterday and refer them to someone else.  But, I didn't.  And now that pieces are being picked up and others are moving, the garage is getting to look a bit more normal.  As in, we MAY be able to park in there this winter.  (Another reason why I hate up the garage for almost 6 months is not fun for me.)  

As the holidays are approaching, check to see if you have a piece of furniture that needs some love.  Some TLC.  Some paint!  Right now I am 1 week out with custom orders, so get in line when you can! Being this busy is a good thing <3

Looking for a special piece of furniture for a certain someone or for a place in your home?  Hopping Wren is in 4 shops throughout the Northland.  Golly G Botuique, Wonderfully Made, The Gardening Junky and Maker's Mercantile.  Shop local this Christmas, as you wont be just giving a gift, but you will be supporting a community of small business owners and makers.  Thats gotta make ya feel good! 

Check back for more info about Hopping Wren's 2nd annual Wine and Wassail!  Last years was a blast, so if you missed it, mark your calendars for Saturday, December 4th!  Gifts, drawings. wine, chocolate...who could ask for more?

Oh, and there is WINE in WINtEr...thats a good thing about winter, too.  



Aug. 25, 2017

Hubby and I were running errands on a Sunday and I got a text from my banker, Lisa.  She had sent me a picture of an article in The Woman Today magazine and it was ME! (What a sweetie...I mean, who has a banker that texts them?!)   Was I surprised by this?  YES!  I thought it was going to be a small business sized ad, which will be in there next month, but there I was!  A half page shout out to Hopping Wren!  So cool....the editor Dee is amazing and I at least owe her a couple of coffees from all of the business this has brought me.  My garage is full of custom orders at the moment!  I am scheduling out to the first week of September, currently.  I've also been delivering pieces to the new Maker's Mercantile in Duluth.  They are having their grand opening next month!  I am beyond excited at the big changes that have been taking place for Hopping Wren!  I still have pieces up at Golly G's in Hermantown and a few here at home, so keep on checking the for sale page of Hopping Wren for added pieces and sales!  Happy Friday everyone! 

Aug. 3, 2017

July was crazy!  Hubby and I spent over a week in Oregon with friends, attended a wedding, and went to the coast.  Amazing.  The scenery was beautiful and the visit was perfect.  I laughed until I cried, was able to relax, and left a piece of my heart out on that Oregon Coast.  I do each time we go there. Our friends make us feel so very welcome, each time we visit. 

After a brief time at home, I left on a 2 week trip that would take me from New Hampshire to Tennessee.  Picturesque highways and morning stops at Dunkin' Donuts. A rather questionable stop at a KOA, awesome b-b-q at every restaurant, and time with my sister in law, Andrea, that I have never had.  (And with Max the AWESOME Rhodesian Ridgeback that traveled better than any person I've met!)  Hubby was even able to fly out to Tennessee for a few days to spend time with the family. It was wonderful!  

So, now that July is over, I am back at it!  I will be filling up the garage with vintage and antique pieces that need a little love!  Big things are on the horizon for Hopping Wren, so check back often to see what's happening!  

And thank you.  Thank you for encouraging me and making my dream become a reality!  Thank you for supporting me in doing what I love!  I feel so blessed every day <3

Jun. 20, 2017

Soooo...I have been staring at a grey dresser turned into a wine rack since November. November, people. That was 7 months ago.  I have never had a piece hang around that long. It's been in a couple of shops, on my website, and in my living room. I loved it in it's redone state.  But no one else I schlepped it out to the garage this morning, sanded the heck out of it, put two coats of mineral paint on it, and voila!  It really makes the glass knobs pop!  Its kind of shabby chic, farmhouse, romantic all in one. Someone will buy it, put it in their home for a sweet coffee bar or a wine rack, and I will once again have sellers remorse :)  It does look sweet, doesn't it? I figure if this has been the one and only piece that hasn't sold out of all of the pieces I have painted in the past 2 years, I'm doing pretty good!