Jul. 7, 2018

And JUST LIKE THAT...it's July!  Summer is in full swing here in Northern Minnesota!  Concerts, Lake Superior and of course, this is prime painting weather!  We've been working like crazy around here and its certainly paying off! Lots of changes....are you ready for the list? 

1.  We've hired someone!  Her name is Beth and she is an absolute angel who cleans, sands and preps our furniture for us! 

2.  We are renting a space up at Golly G in the New Vintage Marketplace in Hermantown!  Check out their facebook page for sale dates and information about their Saturday markets!  So.  Much.  FUN!

3.  Our custom order calendar is filling up.  Fast!  Right now, we are a month out and into the second week of August for custom orders.  Can you believe it?  I have to pinch myself some days to see if I'll wake up!  We are so happy to bring new life into your antique, vintage and family pieces! 

4.  We are no longer at Maker's Mercantile as  they are changing their venue to a vintage camper and will be popping up near you in the future!  I can't wait to see what they will have in their new space!  Furniture may be too big for the camper, but we love shopping there! 

5.  We are taking classes and learning new techniques!  Keep an eye out on our sale page for them! 

6.  Our furniture is still up at Wonderfully Made and we are adding new pieces next week! Check out their shop if you get a chance!  Lots of local goodies for all your gift giving needs :)

7.  You can still find our whiskey and wine barrel orbs up at The Gardeing Junky! 

8.  Hopping Wren is now making their own wax and will be marketing it soon!  Keep checking our facebook page for updates! 

9.  We've been teaching classes at Esko's Community Ed, Golly G and soon to come...a class in our garage!  More coming soon!  

10.  And something that hasn't changed?  We still love what we do and are humbled each day by how well we have been recieved into Duluth's group of makers!  So thank you, to everyone who has ever bought a piece of furniture, said a kind word, or clicked on our webpage.  YOU ROCK!



Apr. 13, 2018

Happy April!  We are still waiting for spring to show up here in Northern Minnesota!  (Southern Minnesota is having a blizzard right now!)  Not my favorite time of year, as I would LOVE for the weather to be a balmy 50 degrees (ABOVE ZERO) the sun to be shining and for my driveway to be full of furniture to paint! Thats when I am happiest!

Custom orders have covered the calendar for the month of April!  I've done bedroom sets, end tables, night stands, cedar chests and mirrors this past week!  I also have a few buffets out in the garage that are ready to be sanded and painted!  If you are looking for a statement piece, look no further!  Message me for pictures if you would like to see how detailed and stunning they are! I will be taking custom orders for May starting on April 20th.  If you have a piece that needs a little extra love, call or message us!

A few things are changing here at Hopping Wren!  Instead of sticking to the tried and true brands of chalk paint that I've been using for the past few years (and will continue to use) I'm adding new products and finishes. Milk paint has become one of my favorite types of paint to use, and I'm learning some new tricks and taking classes from some pretty wonderful furniture flippers!

I have just begun to send out a few tins of my home made, all natural furniture wax!  So far, so good!  It smells great, leaves a subtle sheen on furniture and is also good for chapped lips and cracked elbows and heels.  Seriously! If you purchase a piece of furniture from me this month, or have a custom order done, I'll throw in a tin of it!  It will be packaged and labled some time in May.

Spring is right around the corner....I just know it!  





Mar. 31, 2018

Wow!  Its the end of March and there is snow on the ground.  Why am I always surprised by this?  We live in Northern Minnesota!  Still, I'm ready for spring.  

We have been busy the last few weeks, picking up new pieces and filling up the shops.  Still painting in the basement and looking forward to moving our little operation into the garage for summer.  

I've taught a few classes with Gina over at Golly G, this winter.  Look for more classes on our facebook page!  

Other happenings?  We have been making wine and whiskey barrel wreaths and they have been selling like crazy!  If you see one, snatch it up fast, as there are only a few left out there! We will be whipping up a few orbs for summer as well.  

Thats about it for updates!  We are completely full with custom order until the third week of April.  Get on the calendar if you need something done by the end of the month. 

Oh!  And here's my latest blog post at the Duluth Mom's Blog!  


Hoppy Easter to you from us at Hopping Wren Furniture! 

Feb. 7, 2018

I was recently asked what I thought of all of the other furniture painters in the Duluth area.  Well, I love them!  All of them!  Theres a gal in town that stages her funiture and accessories LIKE A BOSS!  She truly does!  I've purchased items from her that I could have done myself but she has her own spin on how she paints and displays things. I've sent people to her to purchase large items.  (Look closely at the white dresser pictured above.  I was laying on my back under my saw horses in the basement to take this picture.  You can see my knee in the bottom right side of it lol!  This is how I roll....) We are all different!  Theres a woman up the shore that paints and sells on the same venues as I do. Facebook, Craigslist, etc.  I LOVE her ideas!  Her items are just beautiful!  And I tell her so.  You know why?  Because I prefer to work together instead of against one another.  Are there a lot of us furniture refinishers out there.  YES!  A LOT!  But, we are all different.  Our styles all say that we are individuals.  If 20 of us were given the same exact dresser to paint, I think the finished products would be 20 different dressers completed! 

I feel fortunate that I live in a community of makers that lift up and support each other.  We do NOT work against each other.  If I run across someone that is saying some negative things about another artist, I walk the other way.  Why?  Because I chose to work WITH instead of against.  

I've been so busy this month with custom orders and estimates that I have been running all over the place like crazy!  But, hubby and I are going to head to Arizona in a couple weeks and soak up some sunshine and family time!  I can't wait!  Arizona is one of my happy places <3

Keep an eye out....my mom may persuade me to paint something while I am there!  :)  She wont have to try too hard <3

Enjoy your February!  March is right around the corner and summer is after that!  

See?  I AM a glass half full kinda gal! 

Jan. 11, 2018

Happy New Year!  I can still say that, right?  What has been the best part of 2018 so far for you?  Have you made any resolutions for 2018?  Have you given up or are you still hanging with it?  I don't make resolutions anymore...too much pressure.  Too much to live up to.  Sure, I have goals.  But baby steps for me people...baby steps!  

I am trying to get used to the "new normal" at our house.  Our son went back to his base in California, and our daughter has moved out.  Weird.  Quiet.  Lower grocery bill...oh, did I say that?  Even though its a little bit true, I'd rather have my kids at the dinner table each night, eating and talking and laughing.  

On the subject of work, (is it really considered work if I love it this much?)  I do have goals.  I want to be better this year.  I want to be more selective and more consistant.  I love searching for the perfect piece of furniture, giving it my own touch and then seeing it in your home.  I truly am happiest with a paint brush in my hand!  Ive been a business owner for almost 2 years and I love it!

That being said, I am humbled by you.  Humbled by everyone who has purchased a piece of Hopping Wren to give as a gift or display in your home.  I've been overwhelmed by the success that we have had!  This last year was amazing!  I am able to do what I love because of YOU. Thank you.

So in the coming year, I am planning on a few new things.  I have some goals I want to reach.  Some changes I'd like to make.  But the quality of furniture that I sell or customize for you will never change.  It will always be done with love.  And with a paint brush :)  All of my furniture is and will be painted by hand.  I will always work closely with you to make sure that what you envision comes to life.  

So happy 2018!  Its going to be a great year for Hopping Wren and I hope it will be a wonderful year for YOU!

Blessings <3