Mar. 24, 2017

Getting Personal....Happy and Sad...Feelings We All Have

The past couple of weeks have been a couple of the best and worst weeks of my life.  Thats me with my son in the picture. Happy moment. The sun was shining and my SON was shining! My hubby and I traveled to San Diego to see our son graduate from the United States Marine Corps, OOHRAH AND SEMPER FI!  Proud. Happy.  Lots of emotions.  And then we said good bye to him this Tuesday as he went back to Infantry Training in California.  Leaving him at the gate in Minneapolis was one of the most difficult things I have ever had to do.  Not knowing when we will see him again, I was a puddle of tears.  My son and daughter are my heart and I feel as if I watched part of my heart leave me on Tuesday. Three hours later, my sister in law left us.  I am not going to say that she lost her battle with cancer, because she kicked cancer's ass for over 3 years, being diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer right from the start.  She fought a good fight.  No...she fought an AWESOME fight.  And she is pain free and with Jesus now.  That is for sure.  She was one of the most faithful Christ followers I have ever known. She changed people who knew her.  Especially those who knew her during her battle with cancer.  On the same day, a very close friend of mine recieved her mammogram results and had been diagnosed with breast cancer.  Does the hurt and pain never end for people?  Or the feeling of helplessness? One of my oldest and dearest friends is also experiencing her own pain as she watches her husband suffer and try to regain his health after sustaining horrible burns in an accident.  Sadness has engulfed me.  Like never before. I feel helpless, knowing that there is nothing I can do to take away anyones pain.  I want to.  I so desperately want to. But I can't.  I know it sounds trite, but my furniture has kept me sane.  I started on it yesterday when my husband left for Texas to attend our sister in laws funeral.  Sanding the hell out of several dressers, drawers, chests, vanities, and tables.  It felt good.  It didn't make it all better, thats for sure, but it sure did feel good to take old and beat up furniture that has been regarded as junk, put all of my energy into each and every piece and turn them into something beautiful.  It helps me.  So thank you to those who have purchased furniture, entrusted me with an antique piece of furniture, or have said a kind word about my work.  It has helped deal with the feelings of sadness, pain and helplessness these past two weeks.  Tremendously.