May. 20, 2017

It's Like Giving a Puppy Away, SERIOUSLY!

I finished a dresser today.  A piece that I love!  When I get a piece of furniture like this, or a buffet, or a piece that is unique, I have a hard time listing and selling them.  Believe it or not, I have sellers remorse at LEAST once a week!  Sometimes more! But, if I kept every piece that I felt an attachment to, we would have a 10,000 square foot home full of  nothing but vintage and antique furniture! Seriously, I would NOT think that to be a negative thing.  But, my hubby thinks otherwise!   

I love doing what I do.  Each piece is done with heartfelt purpose, before you put it in your home.  I want you to love your piece of Hopping Wren Furniture as much as I do!  

So, with that being said, take a good look at this dresser.  It has a serpentine drawer on top, a hidden drawer on the bottom, and a faint clock face stenciled on the front.  Oh and that hardware, don't get me started!  <3 It goes perfectly in my living room.  But, it's for sale. 

And if you look really close to the family picture above it, you will see us.  Our family of four.  At one point or another, my children and hubby have helped, encouraged and supported me in this crazy furniture journey.  I love them.  They are my peeps.  I love this picture.  (Every time I look at it, I think of how my SON had the best hair out of everyone that day!  LOL!)

I'm taking a few days off next weekend.  It's good to recharge the batteries.  Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!