Jun. 20, 2017

Re Re-purposing

Soooo...I have been staring at a grey dresser turned into a wine rack since November. November, people. That was 7 months ago.  I have never had a piece hang around that long. It's been in a couple of shops, on my website, and in my living room. I loved it in it's redone state.  But no one else has...so I schlepped it out to the garage this morning, sanded the heck out of it, put two coats of mineral paint on it, and voila!  It really makes the glass knobs pop!  Its kind of shabby chic, farmhouse, romantic all in one. Someone will buy it, put it in their home for a sweet coffee bar or a wine rack, and I will once again have sellers remorse :)  It does look sweet, doesn't it? I figure if this has been the one and only piece that hasn't sold out of all of the pieces I have painted in the past 2 years, I'm doing pretty good!