Aug. 25, 2017

Would You Like An Autograph??

Hubby and I were running errands on a Sunday and I got a text from my banker, Lisa.  She had sent me a picture of an article in The Woman Today magazine and it was ME! (What a sweetie...I mean, who has a banker that texts them?!)   Was I surprised by this?  YES!  I thought it was going to be a small business sized ad, which will be in there next month, but there I was!  A half page shout out to Hopping Wren!  So cool....the editor Dee is amazing and I at least owe her a couple of coffees from all of the business this has brought me.  My garage is full of custom orders at the moment!  I am scheduling out to the first week of September, currently.  I've also been delivering pieces to the new Maker's Mercantile in Duluth.  They are having their grand opening next month!  I am beyond excited at the big changes that have been taking place for Hopping Wren!  I still have pieces up at Golly G's in Hermantown and a few here at home, so keep on checking the for sale page of Hopping Wren for added pieces and sales!  Happy Friday everyone!