Oct. 29, 2017


Didn't we just get the yard the way we like it?  Didn't we just plan a back yard bbq and fire?  Holy guacamole...its fall.  It's not even fall, as here in MN we just had a snowstorm last week that broke records.  I think we had almost 10" of accumulation at our house.  So just like that, its winter.  I really do hate winter.  Everything about it.  Well, not everything....I like sitting in front of the fireplace with wool socks on my feet while I am wrapped in a blanket. Thats a good part of winter.  And Christmas lights.  I love Christmas lights.  

I've been so innundated with custom orders that I almost had to turn someone away yesterday and refer them to someone else.  But, I didn't.  And now that pieces are being picked up and others are moving, the garage is getting to look a bit more normal.  As in, we MAY be able to park in there this winter.  (Another reason why I hate winter....giving up the garage for almost 6 months is not fun for me.)  

As the holidays are approaching, check to see if you have a piece of furniture that needs some love.  Some TLC.  Some paint!  Right now I am 1 week out with custom orders, so get in line when you can! Being this busy is a good thing <3

Looking for a special piece of furniture for a certain someone or for a place in your home?  Hopping Wren is in 4 shops throughout the Northland.  Golly G Botuique, Wonderfully Made, The Gardening Junky and Maker's Mercantile.  Shop local this Christmas, as you wont be just giving a gift, but you will be supporting a community of small business owners and makers.  Thats gotta make ya feel good! 

Check back for more info about Hopping Wren's 2nd annual Wine and Wassail!  Last years was a blast, so if you missed it, mark your calendars for Saturday, December 4th!  Gifts, drawings. wine, chocolate...who could ask for more?

Oh, and there is WINE in WINtEr...thats a good thing about winter, too.