Jan. 11, 2018

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  I can still say that, right?  What has been the best part of 2018 so far for you?  Have you made any resolutions for 2018?  Have you given up or are you still hanging with it?  I don't make resolutions anymore...too much pressure.  Too much to live up to.  Sure, I have goals.  But baby steps for me people...baby steps!  

I am trying to get used to the "new normal" at our house.  Our son went back to his base in California, and our daughter has moved out.  Weird.  Quiet.  Lower grocery bill...oh, did I say that?  Even though its a little bit true, I'd rather have my kids at the dinner table each night, eating and talking and laughing.  

On the subject of work, (is it really considered work if I love it this much?)  I do have goals.  I want to be better this year.  I want to be more selective and more consistant.  I love searching for the perfect piece of furniture, giving it my own touch and then seeing it in your home.  I truly am happiest with a paint brush in my hand!  Ive been a business owner for almost 2 years and I love it!

That being said, I am humbled by you.  Humbled by everyone who has purchased a piece of Hopping Wren to give as a gift or display in your home.  I've been overwhelmed by the success that we have had!  This last year was amazing!  I am able to do what I love because of YOU. Thank you.

So in the coming year, I am planning on a few new things.  I have some goals I want to reach.  Some changes I'd like to make.  But the quality of furniture that I sell or customize for you will never change.  It will always be done with love.  And with a paint brush :)  All of my furniture is and will be painted by hand.  I will always work closely with you to make sure that what you envision comes to life.  

So happy 2018!  Its going to be a great year for Hopping Wren and I hope it will be a wonderful year for YOU!

Blessings <3