Feb. 7, 2018

Finding Individuality in a Sea of Chalk Paint

I was recently asked what I thought of all of the other furniture painters in the Duluth area.  Well, I love them!  All of them!  Theres a gal in town that stages her funiture and accessories LIKE A BOSS!  She truly does!  I've purchased items from her that I could have done myself but she has her own spin on how she paints and displays things. I've sent people to her to purchase large items.  (Look closely at the white dresser pictured above.  I was laying on my back under my saw horses in the basement to take this picture.  You can see my knee in the bottom right side of it lol!  This is how I roll....) We are all different!  Theres a woman up the shore that paints and sells on the same venues as I do. Facebook, Craigslist, etc.  I LOVE her ideas!  Her items are just beautiful!  And I tell her so.  You know why?  Because I prefer to work together instead of against one another.  Are there a lot of us furniture refinishers out there.  YES!  A LOT!  But, we are all different.  Our styles all say that we are individuals.  If 20 of us were given the same exact dresser to paint, I think the finished products would be 20 different dressers completed! 

I feel fortunate that I live in a community of makers that lift up and support each other.  We do NOT work against each other.  If I run across someone that is saying some negative things about another artist, I walk the other way.  Why?  Because I chose to work WITH instead of against.  

I've been so busy this month with custom orders and estimates that I have been running all over the place like crazy!  But, hubby and I are going to head to Arizona in a couple weeks and soak up some sunshine and family time!  I can't wait!  Arizona is one of my happy places <3

Keep an eye out....my mom may persuade me to paint something while I am there!  :)  She wont have to try too hard <3

Enjoy your February!  March is right around the corner and summer is after that!  

See?  I AM a glass half full kinda gal!