Jul. 7, 2018

Time Flies When You Are Having Fun!

And JUST LIKE THAT...it's July!  Summer is in full swing here in Northern Minnesota!  Concerts, Lake Superior and of course, this is prime painting weather!  We've been working like crazy around here and its certainly paying off! Lots of changes....are you ready for the list? 

1.  We've hired someone!  Her name is Beth and she is an absolute angel who cleans, sands and preps our furniture for us! 

2.  We are renting a space up at Golly G in the New Vintage Marketplace in Hermantown!  Check out their facebook page for sale dates and information about their Saturday markets!  So.  Much.  FUN!

3.  Our custom order calendar is filling up.  Fast!  Right now, we are a month out and into the second week of August for custom orders.  Can you believe it?  I have to pinch myself some days to see if I'll wake up!  We are so happy to bring new life into your antique, vintage and family pieces! 

4.  We are no longer at Maker's Mercantile as  they are changing their venue to a vintage camper and will be popping up near you in the future!  I can't wait to see what they will have in their new space!  Furniture may be too big for the camper, but we love shopping there! 

5.  We are taking classes and learning new techniques!  Keep an eye out on our sale page for them! 

6.  Our furniture is still up at Wonderfully Made and we are adding new pieces next week! Check out their shop if you get a chance!  Lots of local goodies for all your gift giving needs :)

7.  You can still find our whiskey and wine barrel orbs up at The Gardeing Junky! 

8.  Hopping Wren is now making their own wax and will be marketing it soon!  Keep checking our facebook page for updates! 

9.  We've been teaching classes at Esko's Community Ed, Golly G and soon to come...a class in our garage!  More coming soon!  

10.  And something that hasn't changed?  We still love what we do and are humbled each day by how well we have been recieved into Duluth's group of makers!  So thank you, to everyone who has ever bought a piece of furniture, said a kind word, or clicked on our webpage.  YOU ROCK!